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Kavacık Mah. Kavaklı Çıkmazı Sok. No:3 Beykoz / İstanbul

(+90) 216 465 54 98

About Us

Alataş Fastening Technologies & Industrial Equipment

As a supplier of Fastening Technologies, our company supports your business with the products and services that you needed to ensure a seamless supply chain.

In line with customer demands, we supply the high quality and right products with an optimal pricing and deliver them to you in the fastest way possible. Closely keeping abreast with the ever developing technology, our company tests all products for conformity with strict quality standards before delivering them to our customers.

We strongly encourage you to explore our product ranges and inform us of your requirements, we will offer you the best solution in a short time.


Why Us?

Boost your competitive advantage with high-performance fasteners and fastening solutions while having a streamlined product lifecycle from concept through design up to the manufacturing.  Our fastening and installation solutions bolster the essential works which keep your critical infrastructure functional and make our world a better place.   Namely, as Alataş Fastening Technologies, we are here so that you can always produce and develop. And we are more than happy to support you, our valuable customers.


Our Mission

To constantly create added value for economy of Turkey by embracing the principle of providing highest quality products and services in our industry.

Our Vision

To be an exemplary and leading company in local and international markets through constant renewal and growth in parallel with technological and corporate developments in the world, while bolstering our brand value.